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Buckle Guard by Lilli Blossom

Keeping our babies safe

When my daughter, Lilli, was only 16months she began pressing the red actuation button on her car restraint so the harness was no longer secure.

A baby this age cannot be expected to be diciplined and to understand the concept of danger.

A baby this age is learning through imitation.

The first time this happened, I was driving in extremely busy traffic. I looked in my rear vision mirror to see an empty car restraint. Lilli was unbuckled and was on the floor. There was nowhere for me to pull over to put her back in her seat which left me driving in busy traffic with my baby on the floor of the car. This was a very frightening situation as it continued to occur.

In contacting the manufacturer, I was advised to clean the buckle with hot water. This did not fix the situation and was not effective in providing a solution to this urgent problem. Through research and talking to other parents and grandparents I became aware that I was far from the only one experiencing this problem. There was currently not anything available to cover the Red button so parents were choosing other methods to do so. These include wrapping fabric and tying knots over the button and to turn the buckle so the red button faces the baby. This is something many parents struggle with and it puts all road users at risk as it causes a driver to become distracted.

I felt it would be ideal to have a universal product that emergency workers and the general public could become familiar with so I invented The Buckle Guard.

  • The Buckle Guard is designed to cover the red actuation button on the Quick-Release Device for a baby car restraint.
  • The Buckle Guard has different shaped moulds to accommodate all baby restraints.
  • The Buckle Guard is designed to prevent a baby from being able to easily press the actuation button releasing the 5 point harness.
  • The Buckle Guard design is such that in an emergency situation the Buckle Guard is removed without difficultly.
  • Clear instructions are marked on the top of the Buckle Guard to ensure easy removal of a baby in an emergency situation.